Here is what our clients are saying...
Studio 125 -
Boston Book Festival logo "Thank you for your wise counsel, active participation, generous contributions, and tireless commitment to the Boston Book Festival. Because of you, we are able to offer our community creative and innovative programming at no charge that both stimulates and feeds the public's appetite for conversations about literature and ideas. We look forward to working with you as we start to plan year three!"
-Boston Book Festival
MIT Knight Foundation Logo "Thank you for all of your hard work at the Knight - MIT Civic Media Conference. Your patience, professionalism, and general awesomeness was so greatly appreciated. Looking forward to working with you again!"
-MIT Knight Foundation
NAACP logo "Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to our event! I am looking forward to collaborating with you soon!"
MIT Lincoln Laboratory "Thank you again for your help with all the event details. As you know, it's quite a maze to work thru and I didn't have any idea where to begin. Your willingness to answer all my questions went a long way to making me feel comfortable with the entire event."
-Cindy Pelley, Director's Office at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
MIT logo "Thank you so much for your expert participation and enthusiasm with our MIT Comedy Night event. We've been receiving such nice notes from audience members and the comedians, too, about what a fun and enjoyable evening they had. There's something special about a group of people sharing a good laugh together. We appreciate your generosity and support in making this fundraiser and great time possible."
-Patrick Walsh, Ted Johnson, and Traci Swartz; MIT Events Office
MIT Center for Civic Media "You may have noticed that when we do this conference, no matter how crazy, how silly, how strange how unpredictable it gets it all comes with off with a certain amount of grace. We really owe that to Laird Nolan and Studio125, an absolutely incredible tech crew who have kept us going through this entire thing. You may have no idea how easy they make our lives in doing something like this, its utterly huge. Thanks to them for having all of this run so smoothly."
-Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT